Welcome to Nyah

Nyah is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Many people come here for not only the inner beauty of Nyah but also the deep rooted spiritual connection to the philosophers of the world.  The classes that are offered here are not normal classes in which you use a textbook or even listen to lectures.  Students of Nyah learn through their inner souls and take no part in physical classes.  There are no grades or homework of any kind when people come here for the Nyah class.  To succeed, a student of Nyah must have plenty of spare time during their day.  The most successful students have cut complete ties with electronics and other worldly devices that can interrupt their meditation.  Meditating is a big part of requirements for being successful.  It's like the saying goes" You got time, you don't need a dime."  This coinage came from a very successfuly Nyah student that completed his classes in a little over  decade.

Logging in

To login to your Nyah class, you simply lay down a mat and go into a deep meditation state.  The first few times may be difficult for a new student, but after many attempts, they should easily jump into the mediation state at a moment's notice.  One method that many have claimed to be successful when taking their Nyah class is to count sheeps.  This usually takes them into deep Nyah meditation state in about 15 minutes.  Try it yourself, count sheeps for 15 minutes and you should be in deep Nyah meditation. 

Taking notes in class?

Nyah students do not seriously take notes in class.  Well some of the expert Nyah members do take mental notes that they store in their mind.  In all honesty, there's no real reason to take notes.  Nothing you learn through the state of Nyah mediation will ever be required for a test.  It's best to just enjoy your class and take all the time you need to get adjusted to your peaceful Nyah life.  


Well there's no one who's going to give us a testimonial of their Nyah class experience.  The reason why is, we never got around to asking them.  And the other reason is they are totally absorbed by the experience that they have no way of describing it.  It's almost like describing death.  Do you know of anyone who can describe it accurately?


We have a great policy on refunds.  There are none!  You can come and stay as long as you wish, and we do not charge anything for this wonderful experience.  So no fee equals no refunds.  I think that's a simple enough rule that we can all accept and appreciate.  So hurry up and come take your Nyah classes now.